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For Big Tech, a thirsty generative AI boom presents an increasing challenge. 01
G20 Countries Reach Consensus on New Delhi Joint Declaration
Tesla Will Install 20,000 EV Charging Stations at 2,000 Hilton Properties in North America
Amid Rising Global Tensions, US President Heads to India for the G20 meeting


Components of Successful B2B Campaigns
Targeting the Right Audience: Strategies for Effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
Effective Lead Nurturing
Uncovering the secrets of effective demand forecasting in the B2B industry

Key Fed inflation increased by 0.4% in January, up 2.8% from a year ago

Inflation increased in January as expected, according to a key indicator the Federal Reserve uses when deciding whether to cut interest rates. The Dow Jones consensus estimate indicated that the personal consumption expenditures price index, which does not include food and energy costs, increased by 2.8% from a year ago and by 0.4% for the…

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Google paused Gemini AI Image Generator after it produced historical images that were incorrect

Google said on Thursday that it is suspending its Gemini artificial intelligence feature, which generates images because it provides “inaccuracies” in historical images. Social media users have been criticizing the AI tool for producing erroneous depictions of historical figures, such as the American Founding Fathers, as people of color. Google stated that the AI feature…

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Maximizing B2B Lead Generation through Social Media Strategies

In the realm of B2B marketing, the landscape has evolved significantly with the rise of social media platforms. While social media was once seen primarily as a B2C playground, savvy businesses are now harnessing its power for B2B lead generation. Leveraging social media effectively can yield substantial returns in terms of lead generation, brand awareness,…

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Components of Successful B2B Campaigns

Creating a successful B2B campaign involves a thoughtful combination of various components to effectively engage and convert business prospects. Here’s a general content outline with relevant hashtags for your LinkedIn posts: 1. Clear Objectives: Setting clear and measurable objectives is the foundation of any successful B2B campaign. Whether it’s lead generation, brand awareness, or customer…

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