OpenAI CEO is slightly scared of AI but also sees the huge opportunity

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed that he is slightly scared of artificial intelligence technology and how it might affect the workforce, the spread of disinformation, elections, etc.

OpenAI developed the ChatGPT that creates human-like responses to questions and sparked a new AI sensation in the world.

Altman said, “I think people really have fun with ChatGPT. The transformative potential of AI technology will eventually reflect the collective power, creativity, and will of humanity.”

He expressed concern that the authoritarian regimes might develop competing AI technology as overseas governments have already started to initiate competing AI technology to market.

Altman said, “We do worry a lot about authoritarian governments developing this.”

Chinese tech company Baidu recently held a launch event for its ChatGPT competitor, a chat AI which is called Ernie bot.

Altman recalled the comment of the Russian President that was made years before the invasion of Ukraine, “Whoever becomes the leader in AI technology will be the ruler of the world.”

Both Google and Microsoft have rapidly stepped up their AI initiatives. Microsoft decided to partner with OpenAI and integrated its GPT technology into the Bing search. Google unveiled its chatbot called Bard AI.

Altman said, “I am particularly worried that these models could be used for large-scale disinformation. Now that they’re getting at writing computer code, models could be used for offensive cyberattacks.”

Altman said, “ChatGPT’s programming prowess has already made a mark on many developers. It already functions as a co-pilot for programmers. It would represent an opportunity to come up with a better kind of job.”

OpenAI CEO added, “We can have a much higher quality of life, the standard of living. People need time to update, to react, to get used to this technology.”

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